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Network Engineer, CCNA


  Dedicated and energetic individual with experience administering and leading IT projects in the areas on Network Engineering and Network Administration in the automotive manufacturing, inventory control/shipping and healthcare industries.
Technical Skills

  Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Active Server Role 5.1, MS .Net,  Microsoft FrontPage, AutoCAD 2000, Adobe Photoshop7, NETView, RFGEn, WaveLink Avalanche, TNBridge Host Integration Pack 3.5, Lucid Link, EXTRA DEVELOPER series SDK, OPC, Solar Winds, Cisco ADU, Cisco Aironet Site Survey Utility, SolarWinds 2002, AirMagnet, AireSpace(Airwave).
Operating Systems: Windows3.1/95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2K/XP/2K3Server, Pocket PC, Mobile 5.0, Linux Fedora, Trakker Antares 2400, Cisco IOS 12.3 and Cisco Call Manager Express 4.0.
Network Topologies: TCP/IP, SNA,PPP, Frame Relay, RIP, IGRP, OSPF, BGP, LWAP, HSRP, PIM, 802.1D, port ether-channeling, Link aggregation, QOS, COS, Cisco 2811/3845 series routers. 3-Com 3000 SuperStack-II, Cisco 2950/3550/3560/3750/4507/6509/6513 catalyst switch, Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator, Cisco WLC 2106/4400, Cisco 1231/1242/1140 Aironet wireless access point, CSACS v3.0/v3.2, Cisco ADU, Cisco Aironet Site Survey Utility, Cisco VoIP phones(7921G and 7960), 802.1Q VTP, VLAN configuration, BlueSocket-BlueSecure 2200 access vpn controller, AT&T Paradyne 3160 DSU, ADTRAN DSU 56/64, Symbol 3800, 4800, 6800 mobile terminals, Symbol Spectrum24 wireless networks, Zebra Barcode Printers, TN3270 emulation, RFGEN, various types of network cables (Cat-5, Cat-6, Coax thinet, thicknet, Single Mode and Multi-mode fiber) RJ-45 connectors, RJ-48, hardloopback cables.
Programming Languages: SQL, PERL, Visual Basic, VBA, ZPL2, ASP.

Fluent in Spanish (Written and Spoken)

Employment History

  Company B
Network Engineer
January 2008 – Present

Network lead for Company
  • Implementation, upgrade and support of network infrastructure dealing Cisco infrastructure consisting of 3845 Routers connected into ATM/IMA over MPLS link aggregated circuits utilizing T-1 speeds of 1.5 to 6 Mb/s depending on company requirements.
  • Redundant design and configuration using AT&T MAN circuit ring to connect facilities to use 100Mb Ethernet MAN ring for redundant connectivity thru the network in case MPLS routers or connection fail.
  • Implementation of dual core cisco 6509’s and 6513’s Layer-3 switches at facility MDF’s. These units act as VLAN SVI’s creation and VTP servers for the rest of the facility layer 2 devices. OSPF nssa area design at each facility to redistribute into BGP routing for each location ASN’s.  
  • Implementation of redundant path selection and BGP route map and policy selection on the 6513’s and 6509’s to connect into 1G ethernet MAN connection in case MPLS circuits go down. Using this approach routes all facility routes and market routes into spoke location in Data Center and information that needs that needs to go thru the MPLS cloud gets routed thru the spoke facility.
  • Network design and Vendor management of installation of new single mode fiber that replaced multi-mode fiber.
  • Implementation and upgrade of layer-2 switches (3-Com, 2948, 2950, 3500 and 3550’s) with new Stackwise Cisco 3750G, 3750PS and 3750TS switches utilizing 802.1q trunking and Link Aggregation (ether-channel configuration at the Core and at layer-2 device for higher speed going back to the Core and better redundancy in case there is a faulty SFP or bad faulty or port.
  • Wireless site survey and upgrade at four facilities in the Gulf Coast Division using 802.11G standard Cisco 1242 lightweight access points coupled with the new Cisco 4402 LWAAP controllers for access point management and configuration. Migration from WEP encryption to WPA2 with TKIP, 802.1x radius encryption with EAP and PEAP for clients using native active directory services.
  • Selected to start beta testing new surveying process using AirMagnet surveyor utility with new Cisco 1140 access point featuring the new 802.11n standard that is spear headed at one of the facilities.   The new AirMagnet enables the ability to upload the drawing of the specified area being surveying into the application and gives the surveyor the ability to survey and document the area surveyed in real time which increases accuracy much better than drawing manually.
  • Installation and support of Cisco Call Manager Express 4.1 solution at one facility which integrated a Cisco 3845 router housing the call manager IOS image, ISDN PRI line and  Cisco 7921G wireless IP phones which give healthcare operators the flexibility and mobility of use.
  • Support and installation of Cisco 5505 VPN appliance to support vendor connectivity thru IPSEC NAT overloading VPN tunnels for vendor management of the systems inside the Company network.
Company B
IT Infrastructure Specialist Lead
Aug 2002 - December – 2007

Project Administration:
  • Project Lead in the implementation of Ethernet network running over multi-mode fiber network on a CISCO 5500 series catalyst switch and cisco 2948 and 2950 layer-2 switch supporting IBM SNA networks using DLSW on different locations to support legacy network functionality.
  • Successful local implementation of “Scan-to-Load Shipping Inventory System” on three manufacturing plants to integrate shipping system with headquarters. The project consisted of 25 mobile terminals/plant, 200 Cisco Wireless 802.11b/g access points/plant which required Cisco LEAP authentication on each mobile component. Design and implementation of wireless 802.11b/g network that covered 1.2 square feet in each plant. Installation of Windows 2003 Server controller for the initial configuration of a CSCACS v3 in which the RADIUS server mechanism was required by Company for session based authentication and security.
  • RFP, RFQ, wireless survey, design and implementation to connect a remote building within the manufacturing campus that was limited from connecting to the LAN by distance. “Cisco 350 Wireless WorkGroup Bridge” was selected to connect building. Successful implementation saved the client more than $100,000 on installation of additional network segment, Cisco switches, fiber optic excavation, billable hours, etc.
  • Migration, implementation and local support for the LAN/CAN for the manufacturing site from an “IBM-SNA” controller network to IP based LAN network for the entire plant floors and shipping facilities. The project consisted with installation of new Cisco 2950 and 3550  switches and 5504 catalyst Core at facility, configuration of new VLAN segments utilizing ISL trunking to separate different departments (purchasing, manufacturing floor, WLAN, engineering, front offices, and shipping).
  • Remote support for a sequence distribution facility that services finished goods. The facility consists of an area covering 100,000 square feet of wireless coverage, with mobile devices for the operation and transaction of inventory systems and IPSEC VPN tunnels to connect to the Company network other suppliers network.
  • Customer IT infrastructure point of contact for facility related issues, support and implementations.

  Alabama University
B.S Computer Science
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Certified Wireless Technical Specialist

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