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Java Architect


  Challenging positions that can fully utilize my skills in finance analysis (MBA), computing (Software design and development) and mathematics.

  Intended to make career successful on financial planning and risk analysis tasks, and perform business analyst, systems analyst and project management tasks. More than nine years of best practice in software engineering with multiple languages on various operating systems. Proven excellence in web and E-Commerce application development based on advanced Java technology, effective in meeting deadlines and cooperative in teamwork.
Technical Skills

Java, C++/C, VB, VBScript, VC++, C#, JSP, SQLJ, PL/SQL, DHTML, Perl5.0, PHP3, ASP, JavaScript, XML, IBMPC Assembly
Operating Systems:     
Windows NT, Windows XP, MSDOS, Unix(Solaris), Linux.

UML, MS SQL Server, Rational Rose, EJB1.5, BEA WebLogic8.0, Junit3.8, Jakart-ant1.6, Jakart-tomcat5.0, Jakarta-struts1.2, PVCS , CVS, JDOM, JAXP, JMX1.0, JAXB1.0, JBOSS4.0, Apach1.2, Oracle (8i,9i), JDK1.5 SOAP, JAX-RPC,  Eclipse3.2, Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2 (LDAP), ATG, IBM Web Sphere, Crystal Report Server XII, Subversion3.0
TCP/IP protocol, HTTP protocol and other associated protocols. Computer network setting up. Java network programming with SOAP, RMI, Socket etc.
Employment History

  Sr. Software Developer
Company A    Apr. 2006 - Present
Tools Used
JDK1.5/Java Swing
Oracle/Pl SQL
Crystal Report Server XII
BEA Weblogic8.0
  • A key JDK1.5 and Java Swing developer working on Sales Use Tax web service application buy using Jbuilder6.0 and Eclipse3.2 IDE development environment.
  • This STS projected desired to implement an enriched client GUI through Java Swing and Applet by MCV architecture design, with predefined Sales Use Tax service business model (Tax Matrix and drivers). The web server application is desired to be deployed on multiple middle wares, such as JBoss, BEA Weblogic and Web Sphere.
  • A customized data transaction framework is implemented to achieve heavy volume data transactions in real time manner. For instance, multi-million of data records need returning to client side in one request time. Well-defined database schemes, triggers, stored procedures benefits the application performance for certain heavy volume tax service transactions. Serialized Java table data set objects were carried to client side Java Swing/Applet GUI via the Web, which provides higher application performance than doing data transactions via XML or HTML format (Certainly for the heavy volume data transactions). This data transaction framework also resolved the issues for multi-user database accessing for data reading, updating etc.
Sr. Web Developer
Company B     Aug. 2005 - Apr. 2006
Tools Used
SOA Web Service
  • Played a key Web Developer utilize skills in Java SOA standard architecture with advanced Java technology and open source tools. Provide architecture documentation and technology documentation support for project design and implementation. Strong skills in applying open source tools for building development environment such as Eclipse, Struts, Hibernate, AJAX, JDK1.5, J2EE1.4. Be able to do business use case analyzing for project function components modeling by applying object oriented design and development methodology. Perform database performance related analysis and trouble shooting.
  • Support and maintain multiple production applications for company call centers and marketing information analysis. Utilize skills in production trouble shooting with teamwork environment.  
JBoss consultant
Company C  Nov. 2004 -  July, 2005
Tools Used
SOA standard architecture design
Apache Axis
  • Played a role as architect and developer on this power trading financial enterprise application. This application architecture was designed to meet SOA standard by using design tools such as UML, RUP etc. It is developed by means advanced Java technology such as EJB, JMS, Java-SOAP, JDBC and Java-Mail, XML etc. All required documentations were provided to client side.
  • Several Open Source tools were used during the application development and deployment such as JBoss-3.2.5, Apache Axis SOAP engine, JUnit framework, and Apache Ant etc. Oracle database is used in this application.
Architect & Developer Leader
Company D       Sept, 2004 - Nov, 2004
  • Worked on a software architect position in charge to reengineer the Wholesale version 2004 product. Applying the Web Service architect concept and design pattern redesign the Java enterprise application blueprint. JBoss/JMS/EJB are core technologies used for project designing and development. Implemented Unit testing and integration testing tools for the product quality control. Straightly consult with customer side to enhance the product function and application customization to meet wholesale business requirements.    
Architect & Developer
Company E
June, 2002-Jan, 2004

Tools Used
E&P applications

  • A key role of software architect in SIS Web Solution architect team, in charge to design Java enterprise application architecture with J2EE technology and Web Service concepts. Providing integration solutions for SIS existing Oil Field Service  (petroleum industry) information products designed and implementation. There are 2 frameworks, 3 applications finished with team in whole software product life cycle. Experts on trouble shooting for internal and outside customer, and effectively provide architecture documentations and user documentations.
  • Familiar to using UML and RUP to do software design. Demonstrated strong programming skills on Java programming language and Java computing technologies such as EJB, JMS, JSP, JDBC, XML, XSLT, JDOM, JAXB etc.
Web Developer, Architect
Company F   November, 2001-May, 2002
  • Play as a project leader to set up development environment with CVS and other tools such as Apache Server1.3, Jakarta-Tomcat1.4, Jakarta-Ant1.4.1 and Junit3.7. Worked on the application design phase by using UML tools to design the DNA information web service research project. Developed this project by means Java Swing, JSP, JDBC-ODBC, XML/XSLT technology etc.
Software Developer
Company G      July, 2000- Oct,2001
Tools Used
Java, EJB, XML

  • Broadcasting RMS productƒ»i| A key developer worked on a typical e-commerce revenue management application structured by EJB, XML, JSP, Java Servlets, and DHTML. BEA¡¦s WebLogic Server6.0 is used as middle tier. The database tier is Oracle8i database. A Broadcasting business model is constructed with financial analyzing component and market analyzing component. The business model is implemented as a computing engine to support the application.
  • DBAHN rail batch process projectƒ»i| working as an individual project team leader for designing, coding, and performance tuning by means Java technology on JDBC, XML, Oracle database etc.
Application Engineer
Company H    Feb, 2000 - June,2000
Tools Used

Software Engineer
Company I, Beijing  Jan, 1993 - June,1996
Tools Used
mathematics education software
Auto Parts Purchase/Inventory
Family Accounting System
  • Using Java technology developed web information service application by means JSP, IBM-SOAP with corporate centralized LDAP server. Using UML tool to reengineer existing web applications SEBL.
  • Developed mathematics education software series using visual C++, Visual Basic. This position's duty included developing a "virtual class" structure using the OOP programming methodology and coding in Visual C++ and Visual Basic. This application was multimedia soft ware with a user friendly GUI which guided students through the process of joining a "class" and taking lessons which employed audio and graphical instructional materials. MFC, ActiveX Control and DLL were used in most of these projects.
  • Developed Auto Parts Purchase/Inventory Internet-Aware application  using Java AWT package and Foxbase+ database. The GUIs and Server Application (Business logic) were coded by Java language via Web Browser with Java Applets.  HTML client can produce Orders or query server database with underlying dynamic  SQL statement.  C code with Java Native method call was used to create the connection between the server application program and the Foxbase+ database.
  • Developed Family Accounting System using Java AWT package to create the USER GUI and Fox++ as database.  The application program was coded by Java language. Underlying embedded SQL statement was used to query and maintain this accounting system database through the C/C++ code with Java Native method call.


Business School, University of Houston ¡V Victoria, Sugar Land, TX, U.S.A
Master of Science
Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, TX, U.S.A.
Bachelor of Science
Mathematics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Professional Registration
Sun Microsystems¡¦ Certified Java2TM programmer.

Rational Unified Process training (RUP), Oct, 2002
System architecture workshop, Oct, 2003
Advanced Sales Use Tax Review and Reconciliation

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