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Archive - Cabletron certification provides network communications skills

By Carol E. Vaughn, Houston Chronicle

    A myriad of positions are evolving within Cabletron Systems Inc., as the switch, router and enterprise network management systems company explores new markets while continuing to serve existing ones.
    The whole world of communications is changing, and Cabletron is one of the complements," said James Del Monte, of JDA Professional Services, an information technology solutions company.
    Cabletron, X, headquartered in Rochester, N.H., has about 6,000 employees and is one of the original veterans of the local area network and wide area network switching and network management offerings.
    Tom Marek, director of system engineering for Cabletron's central region, said there is an array of IT staffing positions within the company.
    Field positions include sales positions or systems engineering; presales engineering; technical network design; post-sales break fix or troubleshooters; and post sales engineers. In addition, the company offers consulting in project management and network analysis.
    At the corporate-level design, application and marketing engineers are developing and refining products.
    Independent consultants experienced in Cabletron and other systems fall into a salary range of $46,000 to $95,000, based on experience and occupation.
    Training for Cabletron positions is offered through company classes at its regional training centers, including one in Dallas. Marek, who recruits employees across the country, also looks at candidates already are trained in Cabletron.
    Typically, training costs about $1,000 for systems engineer. Switch and router certification, a hardware  training track, and Spectrum, an enterprise network management system, are included in training offerings.    
    Those specialists and engineers working for a company where Cabletron is implemented might receive free training as part of the sales package, Marek said.
    Delmonte said it takes about three months for experienced networkers to become proficient in Cabletron systems.
    "It depends if they are coming from ground zero," he said. "With no networking background, typically it takes a year."
    Speed and accessibility are buzz words in the new decade as e-commerce demands more capacity, Delmonte said.
    "Communications is one of the growing and emerging markets," he said. "Bandwidth and capacity are big issues right now, and as more companies are getting on the Internet, more data is being submitted across the world."
    Cabletron's product development includes research into innovations.
    There is a lot of excitement happening in voice-over Internet protocol," with companies investigating moving telephone traffic through a data network, then into the telephone network rather than strictly connecting through the telephone system, Marek said.
    "High-end routing solutions for customers," he said, is another area of product research.
    Internet providers are concerned with equipment to help systems rim more efficient
    "It is a huge area for us that continues to grow," Marek said.

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